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Green and Renewable Energy

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"Green" jobs are an important part of our economic future. Start training for a green-collar job today.
Green and Renewable Energy


Certified Green Specialist
Price: $1,695.00
This certification is for those wanting a change and to make a difference. You may be in the real estate, building, HVAC, engineer, janitorial field, or even as broad as a nursing career. No background is needed to start learning. We teach you all the basics to wear the label of “Certified Green Specialist”, the proprietary U.S. trademarked title for the serious green professional. You will have a year-long support commitment from the National Association of Green Specialists. You will be equipped with a full business start up kit, including a three page web site template. The entire business templates you need, including but not limited to business cards, stationery and a press release.. Full description of Certified Green Specialist

Renewable Energy Technician Career Prep
Price: $2,665.00
This course gives the background for renewable energy sources and describes their occurrence, devices for using them, and the role of renewable energy in current and future energy systems, depending on social values and the economic rules used to judge the viability of competing solutions.. Full description of Renewable Energy Technician Career Prep

Solar Water Heating Technician Career Prep
Price: $995.00
This course covers solar fundamentals, site assessment, system design and sizing, the installation and service of system components, system start-up and maintenance, and worker safety. Solar Water addresses residential and light commercial solar water heating systems for domestic hot water and swimming pool applications. . Full description of Solar Water Heating Technician Career Prep

Wind Energy Technician Career Prep
Price: $1,150.00
As the world’s shift away from reliance on fossil fuels the Wind Energy Industry leads the way. In just a few short decades wind energy has evolved dramatically. Technological advances now make wind energy a cost-effective solution for the world’s ever-growing energy needs. The United States leads in the overall wind power capacity. As the wind energy industry continues to expand in the United States and around the globe, it will provide many opportunities for workers in search of new careers. These careers extend beyond the wind farm and include the efforts of employees who work in manufacturing plants, offices, and construction, as well as operation and maintenance. This course provides learners with an overview of wind-energy history, basic concepts, costs, and uses. It is designed for the novice and emphasizes an overview of wind-energy conversion and applications of various wind-turbine systems. Some additional course features include: wind turbine blades, installing and troubleshooting wind turbines, motors, towers, and electrical coverage.. Full description of Wind Energy Technician Career Prep